The given blog helps you in the quick installation process of the TP-Link smart wireless router. TP-Link routers are best suitable for your need for offices and houses. TP-Link routers giving the users best in speed are the most demanding routers. Talking about speed TP-Link AC2300 smart wireless router is best known.

Moreover, TP-Link AC2300 is simple and easy to set up. If we see its design, TP-Link powerful antennas make sure that there is regular Wi-Fi signal to all your devices. TP-Link Ac2300 smart Wi-Fi router is easy to access as it is comfortable with every main operating system.

For TP-Link AC2300 login process follows the steps given below:

  • In an ‘open an IP address automatically’ mode set up TCP/IP protocol.
  • On your browser visit
  • You will be prompted to the username and password field. Enter the default username and password.
  • Then click on ‘login’.

The TP-Link AC2300 login process is done. For more details contact us on our toll-free number.  

After the login process of your router, let us connect your router to the internet. TP-Link AC2300 has a web-based quick setup wizard which has the important information in it. Follow the given steps for TP-Link AC2300 setup process by using the Quick setup wizard

  • Open any web portal and enter and log in by the default password.
  • On the top of the page, click on the ‘quick setup’ and follow the instructions.
  • Now select the connection type and then enter the default username and password and click ‘next’.
  • Under the WLAN option, you can change the SSID and the network key.

Then complete the configuration process and click ‘save’ to save your changes. The Quick setup is completed. You can also manually setup your TP-Link wireless router. Kindly follow the steps:

  • Enter in any web browser. And log in using the router’s password.
  • Then under the basic option click on the internet and select the internet connection from the list.
  • Now on the router’s management page, click on ‘network’ and then ‘WAN’.
  • Change your WAN connection to PPPoe.
  • Fill the details given by your ISP. And then click on ‘save’ to save your settings.

Thus TP-Link C2300 set up manually to work with a DSL modem is done very easily. You can also call us on our toll-free number for further details. After the setup and login process, it is necessary that your TP-Link firmware update is also conducted. For the firmware update given below are the steps you need to take:

  • You need to download the latest version of your firmware from the TP-Link website.
  • Now login to the web management page of your router.
  • Select ‘system tools’ and then click on ‘firmware upgrade’.
  • Open the file which you have downloaded earlier. And press the ‘upgrade’ button.

Once the firmware is upgraded your device will reboot automatically. You can click on ‘status’ to check whether if the firmware is upgraded. Hence, by following the above steps your TP-Link firmware update is completed.

Thus, TP-Link AC2300 Smart Wi-Fi router is easily installed by using the information given in the above blog. We hope that by the given information you will be able to understand the TP-Link AC2300 setup process whereas the TP-Link AC2300 login is very easy to access. For any more information, you can contact us at our toll-free number.  

TP-Link AC2300 login

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