If you are searching for What should I do if Tether app fails to detect my TP-Link device on the device pagethen this is the right place for you. In this blog, we will tell you how to use the Tether app, how to block or unblock connected devices? What to do if the Tether app fails to detect your TP-Link device?


Tether is a great app launched by TP-Link for taking control of your network using your Smartphone and for administering who see what and when on the internet within the household.  It lets you see whose devices are connected to your router. So, it is a wonderful app to know if any stranger is tapping into your router and hogging your wifi.

With the help of the Tether app, you have the power to manage your router, extender, modem anytime and anywhere. Another advantage of Tether app is that it alerts you of any firmware updates to ensure the best and advanced wifi experience of your network.

What can TP-Link Tether app do?

The Tether app can do most of the things that you would need to manage your TP-Link router from your hands.

  • You can view and block devices connected to your router.
  • You can reboot and restart your router
  • You can configure your internet connection, view your SSID and password
  • Parental control- you can block websites for a certain device

How to view and block or unblock connected devices?

Block devices

Once you connect your router to the Tether app, you can see the list of the connected devices to your wifi network. The list consists of icons based on the device name and device type. If you find someone connected without your permission you can simply block them by tapping on the device you wish to block and selecting BLOCK DEVICE. This will block that device from accessing your internet connection.

What should you do if your Tether app fails to detect your TP-Link device on the device page?

If your tether app fails to detect your TP-Link device on the device page, read the following points to troubleshoot the issue.

  1. Make sure that your Smartphone is connected to your TP-Link device wirelessly.
  2. Make sure that your Smartphone is not connected with any guest network.
  3. Make sure that the devices that you want to connect are in the compatibility list and are updated with the latest firmware.
  4. If your TP-Link device is a range extender with static IP, then make sure that the IP Address is in the same subnet as your router.
  5. If you have VPN software on your Smartphone, turn it off.
  6. Reboot the TP-Link device.
  7. Restart the Tether app and try again.

These points will troubleshoot all your issues related to the Tether app if it fails to detect TP-Link devices on the device page.  If you still have any other issue regarding tether app, you can contact our technical team at their toll-free number or send mail them your query. Our experts will try their best to assist you.

Tether app fails to detect TP-Link device on the device page

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