Connections drop at random times

As you have searched for the keyword “Connection drop at random times” so we are going to teach you some troubleshooting tips that should get your Internet connection back and running because we all know how irritating it can be if your wifi keeps dropping.With all the physical barriers such as architectural interference, metal appliances etc. may affect the strength of the wireless signal and create a bad impact on the existing wifi network. There often seems to be no reason behind the weak internet connection randomly drops for a few seconds. However, there could be several possible reasons why your wifi Connection drop at random times. If your internet connection keeps dropping and reconnecting, you are not alone. Intermittent wifi connection is frustrating, but it’s usually possible to fix the issue.

Here are some steps that you can try to get your internet connection stable again. Just go through the complete list until your problem is resolved.

  1. Insufficient Wi-Fi Network Range:

You might be suffering from an intermittent wifi connection if your router is placed in a closet, stuck in the corner of your basement, simply old or broken. If your router is placed far away then you’ll notice the Wi-Fi Connection drop at random times. One of the great solutions is moving closer to the router or moving the router closer to you. If still, your Wi-Fi is not stable then restart your router and see the status of the Internet. Another option to improve the wifi network range is wifi range extender. Click the link to get more information about the Wireless Range Extender.

  1. Radio Signal Interference:

If you notice that your internet connection keeps dropping and reconnecting when you are right next to the microwave or another electronic device then chances are that your router’s wifi signals might be interfering with the radio signals transmitted by various consumer electronic products. You can change some Wi-Fi radio settings to avoid this problem.

  1. The Network congestion:

The most common causes for the error “Connection drop at random times” are a number of networks that are using the same channel. When multiple networks overlap, it can slow down the performance of wifi connection adversely and the Internet connection randomly drops for a few seconds. However, you can solve the “wifi keeps dropping” problem by manually switching to a less crowded channel or one that is not used by any other networks currently.

  1. Outdated Firmware or Missing Driver:

Another reason for the intermittent wifi connection is your wireless router and network card. The wifi router and computer’s network driver become corrupted or obsolete over time and cause network drops and other wireless problems. You should update the firmware of your router if you are using an old router. Also, consider updating your computer’s network driver.

  1. Reinstall the software or Reset Wireless Router:

If the problem still persists then reset your router by inserting a pin in a little hole at the back of the wifi router and hold it down for about 10-20 seconds. After resetting your wifi router, restart your PC and modem and try to connect to the wifi. If you are confident that the problem is not with the hardware or your ISP but with the software then you should try to reinstall or upgrade the software of your PC.

We hope after reading this article you would no longer wonder why your wifi Connection drop at random times. Using these few steps you can resolve all your wifi issues. If you are still facing issues, you can call our experts who have years of experience and resolve your issues fast. Simply call us at our toll-free number or chat live with us.